Every Mangalorean likes to go out and dine, especially treat themselves on the weekends at least. To serve this purpose there are many restaurants, hotels, dhabas, joints out there. My friends and i have been to these places where we were served with excellent food accompanied with great ambiance but located in different sections of the city. All of this kept me wondering how do people even come to know about these fantastic places? me being foodie isn’t it my responsibility to enlighten another foodie?

I always recommend good places to my friends and colleagues whenever i get a chance or whenever they ask my suggestions, but reaching a large audience with my suggestions whenever i get an opportunity or asked upon is not at all possible

‘What tempts my Palate’ is a food blog which speaks about the food culture in Mangalore and my attempt to share my knowledge, criticism and expertise that i have derived from my love for food. I also have a Instagram page named this same *what tempts my palate* click this link to follow me on instagram.

The joy of tasting something beautiful lasts in our minds to inspire us every day and awakens our passion for life. Mangalore has a lot to offer and we have a right to be selective. This is what inspired me to get this info out, so that everyone knows about the food culture in Mangalore and be proud about it.