Sloppy Monkey at Grub Monkeys, Deralakatte, Mangalore

The Most Attractive and Delicious looking burger in Mangalore.

Grub Monkeys, located in Deralakatte, Mangalore. Have launched themselves recently and are picking up a much trendier crowd, who are food enthusiasts, burger lovers, bloggers and Mostly Millennials who aren’t easily excited.

There is no denying that this place is definitely on a hype, ever since it has launched itself in Mangalore. Mostly because of their innovative and experimented menu, which not just keeps up with the current generation but also shows that its way ahead of its time.

Sloppy Monkey Burger which is an open burger at Grub Monkeys at Deralakatte, Mangalore -What tempts my Palate
Sloppy Monkey Burger which is an open burger at Grub Monkeys at Deralakatte, Mangalore – Top View

Sloppy Monkey is an open burger with Crispy golden fried onion rings and chunks of chicken dressed with cheese sauce and Chipotle, And on the other side Cheddar cheese and sausages drizzled with cheese sauce and Chipotle.

The idea here is that we can eat it any way we want, maybe you want to close them up and have it, or have each ingredient at a time, it’s entirely up-to-the way you like it.

The chunks of chicken, the onion rings and the sausages were the highlights that made this burger taste good. I had been won over the moment it was presented to me, i mean it was a gorgeous looking burger.

Sloppy Monkey Burger at Grub Monkeys, Deralakatte, Mangalore - What tempts my Palate
Sloppy Monkey Burger at Grub Monkeys, Deralakatte, Mangalore – What tempts my Palate
Sloppy Monkey at Grub Monkeys, Deralakatte, Mangalore - What tempts my Palate
Sloppy Monkey at Grub Monkeys, Deralakatte, Mangalore – What tempts my Palate

Priced at Rs. 180, is an definite value for money, also this amazing burger is among one of our favourite burgers, And a must try to all burger enthusiasts or Food lovers in Mangalore.

About the Owners

Grub Monkeys was started by Rohan Mahendranath and Mueen Ahmed who have been friends for about 15 years. Hailing from Bengaluru, they worked at multiple jobs for the corporate world for about a year or two and quit, cause they never found contentment in their jobs nor did they like the lifestyle. Mueen’s ardent for cooking was built on his interest in trying out new food in town. Over one of the weekends, as Mueen & Rohan were cooking for a barbecue night at their friend’s place, the idea of starting a food truck came to their mind, but no much focus was laid on that thought. Somehow, after a few months they managed to buy a truck with no idea how to move about with it but determined to make it work. They decided to run it in Manipal, their hometown. With the overwhelming response that they received from the vibrant people over there, the first food truck in Manipal “Grub Monkeys” was born.

With the initial thought that the food truck life was going to be simple and fun, the reality was totally contrary to it which hit them real hard with limited amount of work space and work force being few of its drawbacks. Nevertheless, the Customer’s love for the food and appreciation that ‘Grub Monkeys’ received from them made everything worth it. The best thing about the food truck was that the menu was constantly being changed everyday making way for opportunities to experiment and learn.
Fortunately, each time they came up with something new and different, the people just loved it!

After a rather interesting run and people loving the food, the off season began with holidays and rains for 3 months which was absolutely not good for business. So they decided to drive back to Bengaluru with a thought of coming back when it is time as one thing was certain that people just love the food at Grub Monkeys. But for some reason or the other coming back kept getting postponed. During this duration the food truck was stalled for a very long time.

After a few months of delay and being aware of the fact that reviving the stalled food truck was not possible, Rohan and Mueen decided to take the next step and set up the ‘Grub Monkeys Resto Cafe’, in Manipal, with a constraint budget. The response was great with eventual improvisation paving way for the establishment of their second outlet situated in Deralakatte, Mangalore within a span of one year with a hope for many more to come. “The idea was simple, we wanted to get the Gastropub food and ambience more accessible and affordable………. We’re the MONKEYS who serve you the GRUB”, said Mueen & Rohan when what tempts my palate asked about their motive behind Grub Monkeys.

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  1. Abhijit Ray says:

    This is a nice article. Description and photo of food is delicious and mouthwatering. A bit about entrepreneurs is also good. We in India need many more people like these owners. If I visit Mangalore ever, this will be on my list.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sadik Ali Mulki says:

    the story of journey itself interesting.
    All the best.

    Liked by 1 person

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