New Deli Cafe, Urwa, Mangalore

Our First Invitation to review as Food bloggers ^_^

You must’ve heard of success stories of excellent young entrepreneurs in various fields like mark zuckerberg for Facebook, larry page and sergey brin for google, the bhansal brothers for flipkart who achieved success by hard work and determination , by taking the unusual path rather than the usual boring route that most of the young people do these days. What is found common in the above mentioned personalities is their thirst for success even though their initial venture setups were small. Such is the case of Rakshith pinto and Sushanth Surathkal, MBA students at AIMIT are one among such few dynamic young minds who have decided to follow their dreams and as a first step towards achieving their future goals of being successful businessmen have opened ‘NEW DELI’ a food café located at hoige bail, urwa, mangaluru.

A small colorful place for burgers and sandwich enthusiasts, New Deli – as the name signifies serves you with something new on its menu every week. This was the first time me and my friends, ashwin & lester representing ‘What tempts my palate‘ were invited to have a sneak peek into NEW DELI’s exclusive kitchen where they showed us how they prepare and review some of its extra specials, this made us feel overwhelmed.


Double patty chicken burger:

Solely made for double crossing people i.e. people who cross the road twice to make it to New Deli as one patty wouldn’t fill their hungry stomachs.

New York special hot dog:

What makes The New York Special Hot Dog so special is that they use fresh sausages and not the frozen ones available at the super market or stores, taste of the sausage along with the mustard and tomato sauce, the hot French fries, the presentation, the affordable price for which it is available and most important of them all, saving the customer’s expenses of travelling to New York to have it,  well i may have slightly exaggerated but it  was thaaat good!

new york style hot dog

New Deli Special Burger:

Priced at Rs 100, Slightly higher than the other food items that is available at ND, the New Deli Special Burger has a class of its own. The spicy soft and crispy double chicken with the mayonnaise along with the classic French fries, it is as the name state is indeed special.

New deli special burger

Chicken cheese sandwich:
This is where cheese and chicken get along with each other pretty well. The slightly grilled sandwiches are served on a plate for four with spicy chilli masala sprinkled on it. It’s a must try at ND at least once.

chicken cheese club sandwich
chicken cheese club sandwich

Choco chip pan cakes:

choco chip pancakes were specially made for us, and will be included in their menu henceforth. These are one among the really good pan cakes that one can find in Mangalore. The chocolate syrup and the choco chips add on to the taste of the pan cakes. New Deli or ND as popularly known among the locals, making it available for its customers at an affordable price, it’s an offer irresistible to deny.

choco chip pancakes
choco chip pancakes
choco chip pancakes

These are few of the many items that you can always try at ND and as mentioned earlier, the food café has a unique style of adding new items to its menu every week, so that the customers are made available with wide variety of items that they can try upon.

The ambience is fairly good given its small space and quiet surroundings,
What tempts my palate is grateful to Rakshith Pinto and Sushanth Surathkal, the proud owners of ND for cooperating with us throughout the review process.
Have you been to New Deli? Have an interesting story at New Deli to share it to our readers? Want to add on more items to our must try list? Feel free to share your views in the comment section below.
Stay fabulous, stay fit ND stay hungry!

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  1. Natika says:

    Congrats you! 😃


    1. Darol D'cruz says:

      😀 yay thank you


  2. Mukhamani says:

    The choco chip pancake looks delicious. Thank for sharing, I will pass on to my friends 😊


  3. Congrats !! Will plan a visit to New Deli on my next visit to Mangalore 🙂


  4. aruna3 says:

    Nice new deli and other dishes but fear of fatness.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Darol D'cruz says:

      Well we can treat ourselves once a while


      1. aruna3 says:



  5. aruna3 says:

    Wow.what a delicious dishes.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Anything vegetarian??

    Liked by 1 person

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